The OLDEST AKC Rottweiler Breed Club

Paypal Renewal


Dues paid after January 31 will require a $10.00 late fee. The last day to renew 2017 dues is March 15, 2018.  After that dues are considered delinquent and you must contact the Board of Directors.

Mail your Renewal Form


Renew via PayPal (using your PayPal account or a credit card)using the links at the bottom of this page:

  • Members who joined the Club in December 2017, 100% of dues are applied to 2018
  • Members who joined the Club in August to October 2017 click here to renew via Paypal.
  • Members who joined the club prior to August 2017, please choose the appropriate options below.
  • Senior Single Membership is for members over 65 years of age and has been a CRC member for at least 10 consecutive years
  • Senior Family Membership is for members where one is over  65 years of age and BOTH have been members for at least 10 consecutive years

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT DONATIONS: The club needs and appreciates very much, your donations. To add donations to your membership renewal:

  • First add your dues to the Shopping Cart
  • Next, click the “Continue Shopping” link to return to this page.
  • Choose a donation type and amount to add to your cart, where you can then adjust the amount of the donation by changing the quantity. For example, to donate $20.00, add a $1.00 donation to your cart then, WHILE IN YOUR PAYPAL SHOPPING CART, CHANGE the quantity to 20 and click update(20 x $1.00 = $20.00).
  • Continue shopping until you have all the donation types you want in your shopping cart, then proceed to check out.
Membership Dues Renewal
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