The OLDEST AKC Rottweiler Breed Club

Welcome to the Colonial Rottweiler Club

The Colonial Rottweiler Club, the oldest active Rottweiler breed club in the United States was founded in 1956.  An AKC-sanctioned Specialty Club in the Trenton, NJ area; CRC’s members are located throughout the United States.

A Specialty  Show is held annually in early May (5/9/16-5/11/16 with Herding, Carting, ATTS, CGC, Match at various times from 5/7/16 -5/11/16), and other events such as Herding Instinct Tests, Match Shows Supported Shows and Seminars/workshops are sponsored throughout the year.


With great joy often comes great pain.  This week, CRC member Renice Zimmerman’s girl Wynd received the AKC ACE Award in therapy, recognized for her work with wounded veterans and surviving families and children.  The very next day she was called to the Bridge; seems heaven couldn’t wait one more day for this special girl.  We all send thoughts and prayers to Renice at this difficult time.  Wynd, the winner of many awards including the CRC Seger Medallion, will not be forgotten.


Wynd Receives Her ACE Award

Yorktown Therapy Dog Honored

V-1 CH Exodus Heart Of A Patriot UD, BH, HIC, TT, TDI, CGC
(John and Carol Costa and Sue Cohen)

The Colonial Rottweiler Club has nominated our long time Specialty Reporter, Tedy, to the Rottweiler Health Foundation Circle 2000. To be inducted, the goal of $2,000 in donations to RHF must be reached. Our initial donation was $500. Please help honor Tedy and support Rottweiler health research by donating to Tedy’s Circle. RHF accepts donations via check or PayPal and as a 501c3 Charitable Organization your donation is fully tax deductible. All information can be found HERE; please remember when donating, to indicate that your donation is for Tedy’s Circle 2000 – thank you.

If you don’t already belong to the CRC Yahoo  Group/Mailing List, you should. It’s THE place to find out the latest happenings in the Club, and with it’s members. It’s also the place to find out about the latest breed-specific legislation issues and to find out how to help. You must be a current CRC member to join. For more info, visit this link: